The god of space and creation.[1] He is often depicted in grotesque forms, such as a lion with four heads.

His personality as a god is trickster-like, and his teachings are often whimsical as well. Thus, he is worshipped by inventors, artists and craftsmen. His statues often decorate Workers’ Guilds alongside those of Botin, but there are few Churches devoted exclusively to him.

As he is the being who governs space, he often gazed at other worlds since ancient times. He spoke to Ricklent of games played in other worlds, leading to the implementation of Jobs and skills in Lambda.

He was the one who came up with ideas among the original eleven gods, but his erratic thoughts caused many quarrels with Alda as well. However, he was never stubborn about his ideas, so situations never became too serious.

As he was the one who proposed and executed the idea of summoning the champions, he was close with all seven of them.

For this reason alone, he was wounded deeply during the war against the Demon King and fell into a slumber, and by the time he managed to recover enough to regain some semblance of consciousness, he found Lambda in an astounding state.

His suggestion had caused the champions’ deaths and even their souls were broken. Now that they are in the form of Vandalieu, he sent a Divine Message for their sake, but its contents and the identity of the one who received it is unknown.


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