Zakkart, whose real name was Sakado Keisuke, was the Champion summoned by Vida, Goddess of Love and Life.


His looks were average and he wasn’t athletic. The ability he gained was creation-oriented; he was not a very champion-like champion.


He had the type of personality that treasured harmony within a team. Before he knew it, he had become the peacemaker among the creation-minded champions and clashed often with Bellwood, the leader of the battle-minded champions.


He was a young manager of a small factory.[1] Though he dreamed of being a forensic scientist during his days as a student, various circumstances forced him to attend a technical college and inherit his parents’ factory after he graduated. He is well-informed on various miscellaneous subjects due to his hobbies, but he was about to hang himself after his factory business failed when Vida selected him as her champion.


This showed in the way he thought in the battle against the Demon King. Bellwood and his companions said that it was a holy war to protect the world, but Zakkart was the only one who thought of it as a war between invaders and the world’s native people from the very beginning.

As a result, he was able to successfully make numerous evil gods switch sides. (see Gods in Vida's Faction) However, this achievement caused a distance to form between him and the battle-minded champions, and also attracted the Demon King’s attention.

Though Bellwood shouted his own opinions without listening to those of others and tried to overcome holes in his plans with sheer strength, Zakkart knew that the champions must not be divided. He continued to pacify his companions and support Bellwood. However, unable to endure it in the end, he began following his own path.[2]

He had some radical thoughts as well, creating a plan to develop and make use of the most powerful, most environmentally-harmful weapon among the chemical weapons of Earth.


He and his fellow creation-minded champions had their souls broken by the Demon King. The fragments of their souls were recovered by Rodcorte, who in order to prevent Vida from attempting to revive them, pressed their soul shards into a single composite soul and sent it back into his reincarnation system. However, after one-hundred-thousand-years of reincarnation, that soul would end up on Lambda once more, as Vandalieu.

Powers and Abilities

Zakkart was said to have an affinity for Life-attribute magic and possessing Vida's Divine Protection gave Zakkart more acute senses and a greater affinity for the life attribute.



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