The elder of the Ghouls, currently two-hundred-and-ninety-three years old. She met Vandalieu, who reversed her aging and solved the fertility problems that Ghouls faced as a race. After leaving her birthplace along with Vandalieu and other ghouls, she became the court mage of Talosheim.


Zadiris has the appearance of a beautiful girl with a small build. Due to Vandalieu having used Youth Transformation on her, her physical age is almost the same as her physical appearance.

After her rank has increased, she has become a Ghoul Elder Mage and her field of vision has increased due to the third eye that has appeared on her forehead, but apparently it doesn’t provide much use for vision.


Zadiris is a hardworking person, having become a Ghoul Mage through considerable effort, despite not being able to undergo a Job-change and receive bonuses to her skills. She is very pleased that she managed to see the face of her first grandchild and because of this she feels a great deal of gratitude to Vandalieu. She spends fulfilling days in Talosheim playing with her granddaughter, unconcerned with the fact that they look like sisters with a large age difference. Zadiris has recently taken a liking to the massage golems that have been installed in the changing rooms of the bathhouses.

She is training mages so that one can take her place in the next generation, in the hope of being able to follow Vandalieu to the Orbaume Kingdom.

Zadiris ends her sentences in is typically used by elderly males. She uses ‘washi’ to refer to herself and adds ‘no ja’ at the ends of her sentences. Perhaps due to the influence of her physical appearance, her mental age isn’t as high as her real age.


Though she was forced to escape from her homeland, as a result she and the other Ghouls moved to a more comfortable place to live where they could have more substantial diets and baths. She was even able to undergo a Job-change and increase her Rank to become a Ghoul High Mage, so only good things came of it.

After the defense of Talosheim, she has been busy leveling with Borkus, Vigaro and Vandalieu by visiting the B-class Dungeon, Barigen’s Fall Life-Mountain, once a month. However, because her Rank is high, it seems that her leveling is quite slow


  • Zadiris, as well as Tarea, Basdia and Vigaro, gained a race title during the fifth volume that hasn’t been seen by anyone before. Although she is happy for her rank increase, she showed displeasure because of gained title: ‘Ghoul Wizard Princess´. Zadiris hopes her rank increases and she will get rid of this, according to her ´childish´, rank name.