Vigaro is one of the Main protagonists of the series The Death Mage who does want a fourth time. He is a Great Ghoul Tyrant, a legendary existence for all ghouls and was introduced in the 11th chapter after he was looking for Zaldris. He is a big brother existence to Val and competes with Borkus for the title.


Vigaro is the size of a Titan, with height of 250 cm and has a lion's head like all male ghouls. He also has yellow eyes and four arms.


Vigaro is a muscle head but has more intelligence then other ghouls.He competes with Borkus to become stronger and if he is close to you he is a really nice guy, he loves Vandileu like his own little brother and is a little overprotective,always trying to stop him from fighting in the early days




Vigaro is the strongest ghoul currently in the story being a Ghoul Astral Tyrant.

  • Rank: 10 [ 9 ]
  • Race: Ghoul Astral Tyrant [ Ghoul Arch-tyrant ]
  • Level: 2 [ 1 ]
  • Job: Demon Warrior [ Great Axe Master ]
  • Job level: 7 [ 11 ]
  • Job history: Apprentice Warrior, Warrior, Axeman, Axe Master, Magic Axe User, Beserker
  • Age: 173 years old [172 ]
  • Passive skills:
    • Dark Vision (Transformed from Night Vision!)
    • Monstrous Strength: Level 2 (Awakened from Superhuman Strength!)
    • Pain Resistance: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Paralyzing Venom Secretion (Claws): Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Strengthened Attribute Values when equipped with an axe: (Large) (LEVEL UP!)
    • Magic Resistance: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Endless Sexual Stamina: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Slaughter Healing: Level 1 (NEW!)
    • Physical Resistance: Level 1 (NEW!)
  • Active skills:
    • Death Lion Axe Technique: Level 1 (Awakened from Axe Technique!)
    • Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Commanding: Level 5
    • Coordination: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Deforestation: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Dismantling: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Shield Technique: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Surpass Limits: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Surpass Limits - Magic Axe: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Parallel Thought Processing: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Spirit Form: Level 2 (NEW!)
    • Materialization: Level 2 (NEW!)
    • High-speed Thought Processing: Level 1 (NEW!)
  • Unique skills:
    • Zozogante’s Divine Protection (NEW!)
    • Garess’s Divine Protection (NEW!)

Name: Vigaro

  • Rank: 7
  • Race: Ghoul Tyrant
  • Level: 39
  • Job: Axe Master
  • Job level: 11
  • Job history: Apprentice Warrior, Warrior, Axeman
  • Age: 171 years old
  • Passive skills:
    • Night Vision
    • Superhuman Strength: Level 5
    • Pain Resistance: Level 4
    • Paralyzing Venom Secretion (Claws): Level 3
    • Strengthened Attribute Values when equipped with an axe (Medium)
  • Active skills:
    • Axe Technique: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Hand-to-hand Fighting Technique: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Commanding: Level 4
    • Coordination: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Deforestation: Level 2
    • Dismantling: Level 1
    • Shield Technique: Level 2 (NEW!)


  • Vigaro, Zadiris, Basdia and Tarea are the Ghouls whose Ranks increased during the fifth volume. They gained a race title that hasn’t been seen by anyone before. It is very likely that their existence would likely draw the attention of the Mages’ Guild or the Tamers’ Guild.