Valen (ヴァレン) was the father of Vandalieu and the lover of Darcia. He was a subordinate vampire of the Pure-Breed Vampire Gubamon that worshiped Hihiryushukaka, the Evil God of Joyful Life. He was not particularly strong for his age other than that he was only able to cast simple spells.


According to Darcia's description of him, he was very charming and a bit of a womanizer.


Before becoming a Pure-Breed's Subordinate Vampire, Valen had once been an ordinary human with no special traits that was an unexceptional thug living in the slums. As a Subordinate Vampire, the only special thing about Valen was his resistance to the sun that was a weakness all vampires essentially shared. This trait made Valen's Pure-Breed Vampire master value him highly as someone that could be ordered to do various tasks and gather information among people.

During one of the instances where he was carrying out his master's bidding, Valen met the Dark Elf Darcia. The pair fell in love at first sight like in a love story and they eloped. However, their love story was not a happy one, but a tragic one. There were two different vampire factions, and Valen's master belonged to the Extremist faction of vampires that converted to the worship of Evil Gods which was the most numerous of the vampire factions that opposed the dilution of vampire blood. Using his special trait that allowed him to be more active during the day, Valen eloped with the pregnant Darcia, but sacrificed himself to protect his unborn son and fight off his pursuers. After his death, his body had holy water poured on it to purify the spirit and prevent him from being resurrected.

Powers and Abilities

Valen was an ordinary subordinate vampire with the same basic traits and abilities one would find a subordinate vampire to have except for his unique resistance to the Sun that allowed him to be more resistant to the Sunlight than even humans. Valen was noted by Darcia to have been a master of close quarters combat and specialized in using his claws.


His Jobs were Apprentice Thief, Thief, and Fighter. Valen also had a unique trait that made him resistant to the sun.