A world where magic and science co-exist. Origin mirrors earth almost exactly with the same nations and geographic mass.


United Nations

  • European Union

Nations in European Union

  • Asians Union

Nations in Asians Union

The Federal State. 


  • There are implants that can store magic for later use in Origin.
  • The inhabitants of Origin are weaker and more fragile than the inhabitants of Lambda due to having rather peaceful lives.
  • The abilities of the special forces in Origin translates to level 5 martial arts in Lambda.
  • The mana measurements are the same in both Lambda and Origin.
  • There were only 7 known magic attributes before death magic was discovered. (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Light, Life, and Space) currently, the time attribute is undiscovered.
  • 42000 mana is considered to be genius level.
  • The Federal States in Origin is the equivalent to The United States on earth.
  • 100 million mana is equal to the combined mana of the top ten thousand people in origin.
  • Since magic is commonly used, each citizen is required to put their affinities on identification papers.