The Orbaume Kingdom is composed of several small countries(which are now called duchies) that came together in order to resist the Amid Empire. The capital of the Orbaume Kingdom is the city of Orbaume.

The Orbaume Kingdom is home to the Harmony faction of Alda, which accepts the rights of certain Vida races; however, the extent of acceptance is widely different based on the internal policies of each duchy respectively.


The leader of Orbaume is chosen by popular vote by the dukes of each duchy similar to how the German princes of the past used to vote on an emperor. The King serves a term of ten years and can only be reelected once, the longest a single king can rule is 20 years. The Duchies are largely self-governing.


There are a total of 12 Duchies that the Orbaume Kingdom is comprised of.

Hartner Duchy 

see Hartner Duchy

Sauron Duchy

see Sauron Duchy

Farzon Duchy

see Farzon Duchy


Each duchy retains its own military force; They usually band together in defense and sometimes participate together in counterattacks against the Amid Empire and its vassal states.



Each Duchy has its own policy concerning religion. The religion of Vida and the Harmony faction of Alda coexist together; However, there are differences in preference based on the duchy.


  • The Extremist Faction of Alda is universally hated by the citizens of all Duchies due to the fact that it is the religion of the Amid Empire. However, certain influential people like the Duke of Hartner centuries ago were sympathetic to the Extremist Faction.
  • The Amid empire claims that Orbaume has many strong monsters; however, in reality, the Amid Empire is referring to the strong Vida races that live in the Orabaume Kingdom.
  • There is currently a Dhampir craze going on in all the duchies due to the fact that Heinz is part of the Harmony faction and he has taken in Selen. Dhampirs can expect guest-like treatment.