Humans are one of the three races that are allowed to live in Alda's territories.

The equivalent of humans on Earth or in Origin.

They have the lowest base Attribute Values among any race, but at the same time, they are the race that is thriving the most. The reason for that is said to be that the extent of their freedom is great; there are no Jobs that are suited or ill-suited for humans as a race.

There are all kinds of humans; there are some with low aptitude with magic while others have great aptitude for magic; there are some with affinity for only one attribute while others have an affinity for all attributes (with the exception of the death attribute).

As if to demonstrate the humans’ extent of freedom, if one separates heroes that appear in legends and myths by race, there are more human heroes than heroes of the other races. But on the other hand, there are many ordinary people who would struggle to fight a single Goblin.

Their life expectancy is around fifty to sixty years, but because infants of breast-feeding age often die of disease and such, once humans safely pass that age, they can even live for over eighty years.

Also, those who have experienced multiple Jobs and increased their Attribute Values age slower; there were some human adventurers in the past who actively worked for over a hundred years.

In many nations, humans are treated as adults starting from the age of fifteen.

There are no sub-races, but there are ethnicities with white, yellow or black skin color.

Humans can generally create offspring with almost any other race.