B-C class adventurers

The Five-colored Blades were a group of five adventurers and Heinz was its leader, a highly successful B-rank adventurer even though he was still in his teenage years.

a female Dwarf Shield-bearer, an

intellectual young male Scout who wielded a bow and

a beautiful Elf woman who used Spiritual Magic

known as the Five-colored Blades Members

Just like in folk songs about heroes, the four members other than Riley had abundant talent as well. After a hard year of completing Goblin extermination requests, they were comparable to veteran D-class adventurers the year second they were promoted to C-class, a little superior to average adventurers. In their third year together, they cleared a previously undiscovered Dungeon, acquiring valuable Magic Items and fame, and Heinz, the party leader, was promoted to B-class. He was bestowed with a Title, the Blue-flamed Sword, originating from the magic sword he acquired from the Dungeon.

It was well-known that the five members of the party had challenged the Vampires in combat during night where they were supposed to have the advantage. All of them had gained the title, ‘one who tears through the darkness.’

It was true that even Edgar thought that it was an exaggerated, embarrassing Title.

defeating a powerful Vampires as such a being Heinz’s party had been praised as great heroes.But the Vampires had clearly been on the verge of death before the fatal blow, 

Believing it was too dangerous to let the truth be known to people That true if this truth were to spread, it would provoke the Demon King’s remnants including Pure-breed Vampires who worship evil gods other than Hihiryushukaka,”“If a great conflict were to begin, it will not be only the underworld that suffers losses.”

The other members were C-rank, so they were a group of capable individuals.


The Blue-flamed Sword Heinz





Former members

(Green Wind Spear )Riley

under protection

Dhampir girl Selen.