Endou Kouya was one of the Bravers, Code Named: Oracle. He is currently one of Rodcorte's Familiar Spirits.





After Rodcorte's failed attempt of detaching the circle of transmigration from Earth, Origin and Lambda, almost putting humanity of each world on the brink of extinction; Endou, Izumi and Aran decided to prepare preparations with the assistance of other Gods to betray Rodcorte.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Kouya’s cheat-like ability, ‘Oracle,’ might be considered by some to be like a god’s ability to make prophecies. However, in reality, it was not a power that could be called omnipotent.

Kouya’s Oracle was simply ‘something’ that told him a way to achieve the results he wanted.

At first, Kouya had thought that this ‘something’ was a god. But he soon experienced that it wasn’t anything as all-knowing or omnipotent as a god.

It had answered several of his questions with, “That goal is impossible to achieve.”

Thus, Kouya suspected that the answers he received from Oracle were derived by accessing the collective human unconsciousness or the Akashic records or something like that.



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