Birkyne is one of the three Pure-breed Vampires ruling the Vampires extremists, that follow the evil gods.


His outward appearance was that of a man of around twenty years of age with delicate features consisting of thin lines and that of an eloquent, pleasant young man and his behavior is elegant; he could pass for a young nobleman if he does not show his fangs. He seemed like someone who might gather sons and daughters of noble families to host tea parties and balls.


His normal behavior is much more decent than that of the other Pure-breed Vampires. He always shows his face at the meetings that occur once a year and often decides where they are held.

However, his true personality is one that desires to monopolize and rule over things, and he is so hot-tempered that if he becomes mad with rage, he can rampage haphazardly and be out of control for up to ten days straight.


A Pure-breed Vampire who has lived for over a hundred thousand years. He turned his back on the goddess Vida and the Vampire ancestor who were defeated by Alda, the god of law and fate. He worships the Evil God of Joyful Life, Hihiryushukaka. And creates evil schemes and indulges in repulsive pleasures.

His main hobby is torture, but the thing he enjoys the most is to discover and raise superior individuals and then gradually destroy them with his own hands. Several slave traders and orphanages are under his control without being aware of this.

He was outraged when Vandalieu stole his new favorite, Eleanora, but he has cleared his head after going on a rampage and now no longer holds any grudge towards him. He is now more concerned and curious about why the evil god would go as far as to personally send a Divine Message instructing the Vampires to kill the Dhampir.