A Ghoul woman. Her physical appearance is that of a beautiful woman with short hair in her late teenage years or early twenties.

She was the reason Vandalieu became aware of the Ghouls’ fertility problems. She is the first among the Ghoul women to successfully give birth after receiving his death-attribute-magic treatment.

Her personality is like that of a bright onee-san, and as far as abilities go, she is an average Ghoul. But as other Ghouls have been improving their abilities, she is on the relatively low end in that regard. However, she is currently not paying any attention to that and devoting herself to raising her child.

She has recently been cooperating with the other mothers, taking care of her daughter Varde and training herself in magic for several hours every day.

Powers and Abilities

Bilde is considered to have average talent in magic and possesses an affinity for earth attribute magic.