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• 3/13/2018

Ideas and suggestions

Please share any thoughts you Have for improvements or changes and if anyone think something should go somewhere else
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• 4/13/2018
The species drop down list is confusing, for example the species orcus appears both under Races of Vida and Vandalieu's new races. The list doesn't really reflect the plethora of races that have been mentioned (which might be okay if they were only mentioned once in name and in passing, but maybe a page listing species that exist?) nor does it look very ready for the race explosion we are probably going to get diving into Vida's territory.

The drop down menus is the first thing I looked through when I found the wikia and it's kind of hard to read with all the minor errors it has like the labels "Category: Ghouls". It seems like they and others were chosen to be Category pages instead of just pages under the "Category: Species" because there were many characters belonging to a race with pages on this wikia, and they seem to link/embed/display fairly nicely on that category page. But is it not possible to have them displayed just as nicely on a regular page that is simply placed under the "Category: Species" page?

Also it would be nice to have a Races of Vida (Monster) and Races of Vida (Lambda) to distinguish between the races with really cool origins that reach back into the demon king's world, and those that would have been most likely to be protected by heinz and nineroad in the future such as mer-people, beast people, dark elves.

Lastly maybe relabel Guduranis Races as Demon World Races? It was stated that all evil gods can simply create their own followers, so they didn't even bother bringing non-gods to Lambda. Lizard men are created from Fidirg at his discretion so it would be strange to put them under Vida's races or label them as Guduranis races.

I'm thinking relabeling like "People of Lambda", "Evil God Races", "Races of Vida (Lambda)", "Races of Vida (Monster)", "Death Mana Races" or "Races of Vandalieu" but those are just my tastes, up to you guys.

I think this is the most future proof while being accurate up to what we know so far (at least up to LNB translations chapter 133), because likely scenario: Heinz protects all Vida's races that Alda would find acceptable as "people" (those without monster origin, such as dark elves, beast people, mer people, some dhampirs) and because he would be a hero to those races we could largely have the races under label "people of lambda" and "races of vida (lambda)" join forces under the champion heinz to oppose "races of vandalieu", "evil god races", and "races of vida (monster)".
• 4/13/2018
So you guys don't get the wrong idea with my first post being so long, thank you everyone who make this wikia for the novel I've been in love with for a while. It was awesome to find this recently and read more about the world and characters again and get immersed in the world.
• 4/13/2018
Thank you for contribution Yeah we have been experimenting a lots and some of them just didn’t really work Been meaning to go back and fix some connections links If you want to give it a shot go ahead we welcome new ideas and opinions when the series ends we decided to do a lot of revise work on the site to make everything look better for now we just going with the flow of the series Again I thank you for your opinion and Feel free to work on some other pages pick your favorite character just go in it and have to fun giving them to feel the best description of them :)

think you have something good You should ask the opinions and talk to Lygarx and JonnyBoiX and Chasw they bureaucrat they did another good Pages
• 7/17/2018
I carry the complaint from 'Light Novel Bastion' to you
'too much copy-paste'
and I am pretty sure you work alone for now, the wiki doesn't catch up much
• 12/20/2018

Put "Ganpaplio" in the drop-down list of the 11 gods of lambda. Because at the moment, only 10 are noted.

In the "People" list, create a "Reincarnated" category. For example, to find Naruse Narumi, I have to look in the "search" bar.

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